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Tiffany Lawrence

Tiffany Lawrence is 21 years old and from the Gold Coast, Australia. Tiffany trained as a dancer since the age of 5. She studied 2 years full time ballet and wishes to travel the world on cruise ships as a dancer.

Tiffany recently returned from Europe, traveling for 3 months. “The highlights were when I ran with the bulls in Spain, was in Paris for Bastille day and partied hard on a yacht in the amazing Greek Islands for a week. I love going on adventures and experiencing new things. Three words to describe myself would be free-spirited, determined and energetic, and my number one rule in life is to have fun. I love positive thinking and believe in starting your day with a positive affirmation. I find when I hit a road block with my dancing I try to see the positive and try harder next time. My favorite affirmation is "Believe and you will achieve"."

"I've been in the modeling industry since the age of 5. My mum would enter me in the small modeling comps at the local shopping centers. I then signed with a modeling agency which got me work at a young age with local magazines, TV commercials and was selected to feature on the TV series "H2O". More recently I’ve been printed in Zoo Magazine Australia, Heelside Magazine Centrefold, had an 8 page feature in Maxim Thailand and a 6 page feature FHM Spain. I'm also a unit girl and am featured on one of their T-shirts sold internationally. I also had a main role in the Tourism Queensland advert that ran nationally around Australia.”