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Kirra Longmuir

Kirra Longmuir is a blonde haired, blue eyed hairdresser extraordinaire, originally from small Aussie country towns where her parents owned and ran pubs/hotels, Kirra moved to Brisbane, Australia when she was 13 and started hairdressing at 16. "I’ve owned my own salon now for 6 years and am planning on opening bigger salons this year and expanding. I can't handle girls with bad hair/hair extensions. My mouth just drops when I see a beautiful girl with damaged frizzy hair! I was placed on this earth to fix them! One bad bleach job at a time!!" Kirra enjoys modelling comps and sportsmodel adventures as a side hobby. "I have competed since the age of 18 and love the rush of adrenalin when getting on stage! It gives me something to stay in shape for!"