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Bella Stohsova & Tegan Woodford

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia Tegan is one of Australia’s leading Makeup Artists and is renowned throughout the fitness and glamour circuits for her ability to create a flawless face. Through her own past experience as a model, Tegan inadvertently gained a knack for classic technique and a familiarity with products that has helped her become one of the most recognised Makeup Artists in the Australian beauty industry.

Tegan has graced the pages of many well known Australian magazines such as FHM, Ralph and Zoo. The highlight of her modelling career was being chosen to have a feature in the International magazine PLAYBOY USA.

Enchanted by the world of beauty at a young age, Tegan was first drawn to makeup when she began dancing at the age of 9, taking jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary lessons. However, the hours spent backstage sitting in the makeup chair soon transformed her passion for dance into an obsession for beauty, makeup, hair and colour.

In 2010, Tegan enrolled at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, where she successfully completed a Certificate in Fashion, Glamour and Bridal Makeup Artistry. Determined to hone her skills and gain industry experience she commenced retail work for Napoleon Perdis. Consistently creating clean, iconic looks she quickly became proficient in high fashion, catwalk, glamour and bridal makeup. Within 6 months Tegan’s creative talents soon saw her rise to a managerial role. However, she resigned a year later to establish her own business brand -Tegan Woodford. With her dream to dominate the world one face at a time, she has never looked back.

Before becoming an independent makeup artist, Tegan originally directed her creative talents towards hairstyling. In 2009, she completed a Hair Extension Course and is fullycertified to perform Micro Bead and Tape Weft Hair extensions.

Every beauty transformation reflects Tegan’s skill, talent, personality and attention to detail. With her ability to blend, sculpt and highlight she can move effortlessly from fresh flawless looks to more dramatic effects. Tegan’s work has graced television screens and magazines worldwide. In addition, her popularity has led to a high following on Facebook and Instagram, where she is often tapped for her makeup expertise.

Bella Stohsova is 23 years old and is as down to earth as they get. “I was born on the Gold Coast in Australia, but my whole family is Czech and I speak Czech too. I'm a very determined person, when I set my mind to something there's no stopping me and I'll go for it, all or nothing- there's no in between with me. I’m a women of many talents, having worked in many different industries, from reception, admin, PA, dental assisting, a barista and now back in fashion which is where I'd like to further my career. I'm very honest which I think is a great quality to have, as real is rare these days. When people meet me, I am definitely not what they expect me to be. And that's when ‘never judge a book by its cover’ comes into play! I’m a huge appreciator in beauty and art, a happy bubbly girl and I’ve learned the most important thing in life is to be positive and it will get you very far. I’m fashion obsessed and a massive health fanatic! I love to have fun and don't take myself very seriously at all. I'm a big believer in whatever will be, will be and to just roll with the universe. I love life more and more each day as the smarter and more experienced I get. And that's just the start of it.”