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Dasha Goryacheva

Go crazy with Dasha Goryacheva. She’s tall – 5’6” – and slender, with long light brown hair, brown eyes and a tattoo on her side that reads Romance is the negotiation of possibilities towards that elusive prize called love (Hopeless Romantic, secretly). She’s from Auckland, New Zealand and of Russian decent. Dasha is one of the girls, and she lives for lunch dates, dancing and days at the beach. “A lot of people think I’m stuck up,” she says, “but I’m really honest and down to earth. My mom raised me with a good head on my shoulders.” We get where Dasha is coming from - her spunky good looks could throw any girl off her A game. “I dress up for work, but when I get home I veg out on the couch in my onsie then roll around the floor in my lingerie before dinner lol.”

Filmed and Edited by: Alex Curson